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Our team

The 4 co-Founders of Anova-Plus

Marc MASSON Anova Plus Marc MASSON PhD
Co-Founder | Executive Chairman

R&D Strategy | Research Partnerships | Technology Transfer

Marc Masson, expert in cytogenetics and genetics is involved in various research projects. This agro-geneticist is the origin of several varieties of potato like Charlotte, Amandine, the Honey and Samba, forage and turf. After spending 22 years in Clause, an international society for vegetable seeds, having chaired the GIE pre- competitive research Limagrain-Clause, Marc Masson is also known to be a serial entrepreneur who has created several innovative companies in France and across the Atlantic. He notably created the company Biofords Consultants, consulting firm and audit the transfer of biotechnology to animal breeding and which becomes in 2005 Agdia - Biofords, a global leader in the development and creation of detection kits pathogens and GMO plants.

Marc MASSON Anova Plus Carine LA MSc
Co-Founder | Executive Managing Director

Corporate Strategy | Business Development | Marketing & Communication

Carine La is a Biotechnologies engineer (Sup'Biotech Paris) and is specialized in the management of innovatio from the University of Paris Dauphine, Mines and Paritech INSTN (CEA). Consultant for several biotech companies at Genopole in public funding and as CIR expert, Carine's also worked with the CEA and IFREMER in the context of implementation of business plans and prospective studies.

Passion for writing, innovation and entrepreneurship led her to create with friends an independent media dedicated to innovation: Garage21.

Marc MASSON Anova Plus Mark WALTON PhD
Co-Founder | Vice President

U.S. Business Development | Regulatory watch U.S.

Mark Walton has held key positions in U.S. biotech companies specialized in plant and animal improvement. Mark Walton created the first company that offered DNA testing plant Linkage Genetics.

He was then vice-president and president of several companies including RiceTec and Viagen. He now advises research institutes and biotech companies on their innovation strategy in agriculture and especially in plant breeding and animal.

Marc MASSON Anova Plus Guy BLACHE MSc

Product development | Technology Watch | Watch regulatory

Guy Blache is a scientific and technical expert of agricultural crops. He also has a good knowledge of the economic sector organization.

Commencing his professional experience as wheat breeder, he also worked in technical support and development contracts on corn, sunflower, canola, soybean and cotton in the agro industry in the EMEA region.