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"Bring innovation for a sustainable and safe agriculture

"Democratize DNA testing toolkit for ag-industries

"Field DNA testing toolkit for precision agriculture


Commercial launch in France of the first DNA kit by our partner Phyteurop to detect Flavescence dorée in the field

le 14/07/2016

The first DNA testing toolkit Flashdiag®FD, developed by the start-up Anova-Plus, will be distributed this year by Phyteurop as VITIKIT®FD in France.  


 This first molecular diagnotic kit will help the winegrowers to improve Flavescence dorée management.  


Flavesence dorée is a serious grape disease that can lead to a productio decrease. It affects mainly in Southern Europe but some actions to minimize risks of transmission to other countries are put in place. 


For further information, please click here (release press in french)

World issues

9 billion
inhabitants on Earth
by 2050

40% of worldwide production are destroyed, directly or indirectly, by insects, pathogens and weeds. Every year, to fight against them, producers use 3 million tons of pesticides in addition to crop rotation and biological controls

3 billion people
are malnourished every year around the world. If a part of this 40% loss could be saved, we could feed this part of world population..
More than 70 000 pest species among insects, plants pathogens and WEEDS
All crops are concerned
All contries are concerned
All farms are concerned

Anova Plus


For an innovative, sustainable and safe agriculture

Anova-Plus is a startup settled at Genopole Campus in France. With strong partnership with academics and industrials, we plan to develop easy-to-use DNA testing toolkits to make a rapid and smart decision within ag-industry, from farms to transformation industries.

These field DNA testing toolkits have several objectives:
  • Improve the crop disease diagnostic: a better diagnostic for a better treatment
  • Improve weeds management
  • Speed up plant breeding
  • Improve plant varieties traceability.



    Expertise & consulting

    Technologies and R&D

    Collaborative innovation


    Expertise & consulting

    Anova-Plus tends to gather those competencies:

    • Genetics and genomics
    • Phytopathology
    • Agronomy

    Our expertise et experience allow us to develop products adapted to users’needs. Our team is ready to help you.


    Technologies and R&D

    Anova-Plus is a company specialized in biotechnology, phytopathology and plant genetics

    Anova-Plus is investing in DNA detection technologies because they are more sensitive and specific.

    From these technologies, Anova-Plus develops DNA testing toolkits for plant pathogen detection, genetic markers detection (SNP, Single Nucleotide Polymorphism), genetic mutations detection and GMOs detection...


    Collaborative innovation

    Anova-Plus is setting up several collaborative projects with academic and industrial partners.

    Partnerships with industrials help us to define more precisely profesionnal needs.


Marc Masson, expert en cytogenetics et genetics, has created several French potato varieties like Charlotte, Amandine, Chérie, Samba, forage and turf grass. After spending 22 years in Clause, an international seed company, Marc Masson was also Limagrain-Clause consortium President. Marc Masson is also known as a serial entrepreneur in France and United States ( e.g Linkage Genetics and Biofords)

Founder and Chairman

Strategy and R&D partnership
Carine La is a biotech engineer graduated from Sup’Biotech Paris and the University of Paris Dauphine, Les Mines Paritech and INSTN (Master MTI). She is also specialized in innovation management. Consultant for several biotech companies at Genopole in public funding, Carine La used to collaborate with CEA and Ifremer for technologies prospective studies and business plan setup.

Carine LA MSc
Founder & General Manager

Corporate strategy, Business Development and Marketing & Communication
Mark Walton has held key positions in U.S biotech companies specialized in plant and animal. Mark Walton participated to the creation of the first company that offered DNA plant testing, Linkage Genetics. He was then President and Vice-President of several companies including RiceTec and Viagen. He now advises research institutes and biotech companies for innovation strategy, especially in plant and animal breeding.

Founder and VP

US business development and Regulatory watch US
Guy Blache is a scientific and technical expert of agricultural crops. He also has good knowledge of the Ag-industry organization. He started his career as wheat breeder at Euralis and used to develop several products for corn, sunflower, rapeseed, soybean, cotton in Europe and Africa. Today, he is also advisor for chemical companies and some technical institutes in agriculture.


Product development, Technology watch and Regulatory watch

R&D and Innovation

  • Technologies

    Numerous technologies is used for biological samples analysis. DNA detection technologies remain the most precise and most sensitive. The most popular are PCR, qPCR and lately isothermal amplification strongly help DNA/RNA detection.

    Flashdiag® Multigene®

  • Flashdiag®, a proprietary technology for in-situ field DNA testing toolkit development

    Flashdiag® is a proprietary technology developed by Anova-Plus. Anova-Plus ambition is to develop a portfolio of DNA testing toolkits, monotests, from Flashdiag®, that will contribute to a sustainable management of pesticides. Each toolkit is specific to an identified target.

    Anova-Plus in involved in various collaborative projects with academic and industrial actors. Working with industrial actors allows us to develop better products.

    Thus, products developed from Flashdiag® technology will be used by professionals who don’t use to work in a laboratory. They are developed to be performed by ag-industry professionals in their daily work places.

    Within one hour, users get their results after performing the tests themselves and without sending their samples to a lab.

  • Multigene®, multiplexe micro-chip for simple and affordable qPCR

    Multigene® is a worldwide patented technology.

    It is based on a microchip allowing to reduce 10 times reagents volume necessary to perform a qPCR analysis. With Multigene, we only need 0.45 µl against the usual 1 to 2 µl.

    The micro-chip Multigene® is functioning with its own analysis system called AriaDNA.

    Associated to a simple extraction method, Multigene® and its analysis system can be used to GMOs, pathogens, pesticides resistant-strains, agronomic potential markers detection out a conventional laboratory.


Anova-Plus is supported by Genopole campus and Vegepolys. Based on that, the company is working with prestigious academic and industrial partners to reach its objectives.


France Agrimer granted Anova-Plus for its new project, FlashdiagALT, for Potato Early blight detection directly in the field


Anova-Plus has been granted by  FranceAgriMer  for its new project FlashdiagALT. 


This project aims to develop a new duplex DNA testing toolkit to detect two fungi, Alternaria solani and Alternaria alternata, causing potato early blight. 


In collaboration with important French plant technical institutes and potato industrials ( Comité technique Pomme de terre (Chambre d’Agriculture du Nord-Pas de Calais, ARVALIS - Institut du végétal, PomuniMcCain and ETS Coudeville-Marcant), Anova-Plus aims to deliver a field kit that could help farmers to perform early detection and help them to use with more precision pesticides used against these fungi. 


For more information, please click here (release press in french)

Anova-Plus has won the Silver Prize of SIVAL Innovation competition


SIVAL is a international exhibition for all new techniques and innovation in agriculture.

Each year, SIVAL organizes a competition that rewards the most innovative products for agriculture. 


Anova-Plus has won the Silver Prize for its product, FlashDiag®, a DNA test to detect flavescence dorée, a severe disease for vineyards, directly in the field within 1 hour. 

Anova-Plus aims to develop other DNA tests to diagnoses the most important phytopathogens. 


Silver prize of SIVAL Innovation competition


Anova-Plus launch it's crowdfunding campaign: "Wine Lover Project"


Anova-Plus has launched the 20th October 2014 a crowdfunding campaign to start the production of an effective DNA kit to fight against the Flavescence Dorée, a disease that threat vineyard. Available on the crowdfunding website Fundovino, the « Wine Lover » project aims to fund the creation of a production unit. Then we will be able to manufactured kits and send them to wine growers for free, by may 2015. 


Follow us and join our community to be aware of the latest news about innovation vegetal research, innovation in agriculture and agro-ecology

Your career at Anova-Plus

Anova-Plus works to improve agriculture by providing innovating analysis and diagnostic solutions that respect environment.
We are committed to creating a future where actors of agriculture can monitor the quality of their cultures in an effective way.

Joining Anova-Plus would allow you to be part of a scientific and entrepreneur team.

We are looking for people interested in plant research and biotechnologies. We believe that diversity of collaborators and their talents is a source of enrichment, performance and innovation. Anova-Plus has faith in youth talents.

Anova-Plus is also actively working with engineering schools and universities to help us to develop the essence of our young startup. Students, you are welcome to join us in this adventure if you wish to. Do no hesitate to send us your CV and cover letter to contact[a]anova-plus.com
Ingénieur de recherche H/F – Stage de 6 mois
le 16/11/2016

Diagnostic moléculaire pour l’agriculture et l’environnement

Description du stage :
Le stagiaire sera intégré à l’équipe R&D d’Anova-Plus, et plus précisément au sein de la plateforme de détection des pathogènes par amplification d’acides nucléiques. Il participera au développement d’un kit de détection sur terrain de cette bactérie ssp. sur plusieurs espèces végétales ...LIRE LA SUITE

Le candidat participera aux analyses bio-informatiques pour établir la/les cibles de détection, et réalisera les expériences nécessaires au développement et à l’optimisation des différentes étapes du kit : extraction de l’ADN, amplification de l’ADN et révélation sur bandelette immunologique. Il participera également à la validation technique du prototype (interne en laboratoire et externe sur le terrain) et contribuera à l’analyse et la compilation des résultats.

Profil recherché :
Pour ce stage, le candidat justifiera d’une connaissance théorique et pratique en biologie moléculaire, analyse génomique (extraction et purification d’acides nucléiques, PCR, QPCR, génotypage…). Des connaissances en biologie végétale et phytopathologie sont un plus. Des déplacements sur le terrain et à l’étranger seront possibles. Une forte implication sera attendue pour le bon développement des projets et de l’entreprise. La capacité à travailler en équipe et à communiquer en proposant des solutions pour la progression du projet sont indispensables. Le candidat devra également faire preuve d’un esprit d’initiative et d’inventivité tout en sachant s’adapter aux situations inattendues auxquels il pourra être confronté. Le respect du secret professionnel est indispensable, ainsi que le respect des protocoles et des règles d’hygiène et de sécurité.

Type de contrat : Stage de 6 mois
Date de prise de fonction : à partir du 1er janvier 2017
Zone géographique de l’affectation : Ile de France, Pépinière du Genopole, 4 rue Pierre Fontaine, EVRY.
Diplômes requis : Bac+5 (Master 2, diplôme d’ingénieur)
Salaire brut annuel : NC
Candidature : Envoyer votre CV à l’attention de Thomas VANDEWALLE (avec les coordonnées de vos référents joints) et votre lettre de motivation à l’adresse suivante : contact@anova-plus.com en précisant la référence [SI2016] dans l’objet de l’email.

Assistant chef de produit H/F – Stage de 6 mois
le 16/11/2016

Diagnostic moléculaire pour l’agriculture et l’environnement

Description du stage :
Sous la supervision des chefs de projet et produit, vous serez amenés à réaliser les missions suivantes :
- Etude de marché et Positionnement de produits
- Communication et Promotion

Description des missions principales :
Sous la supervision des chefs de projet et produit, vous serez amenés à réaliser les missions suivantes :
-Etude de marché et Positionnement de produits :
Veille technique et scientifique afin d’apporter une base solide aux études de marchés.

- Communication et Promotion :
• Réalisation des supports de communication (plaquettes, présentations, poster...) des technologies Flashdiag® et Multigene® en français et en anglais en vue de la commercialisation de plusieurs applications
• Réalisation de packaging
• Participation à la stratégie digitale de la société
• Rédaction des articles pour le blog dans le domaine de l’agri-industrie et des biotechnologies végétales
• Animation des réseaux sociaux

Ces missions seront à mener de front avec celles rythmant le quotidien d’une start-up

Profil recherché :
Nous recherchons un candidat rigoureux et faisant preuve d’autonomie par rapport à ses missions. Vous devez être issu d’une formation scientifique, et notamment avec une précédente expérience en biologie moléculaire et des bases en agronomie et pathologie végétale. Des compétences en Marketing et/ ou communication sont fortement recommandées.
Vous devez avoir des compétences rédactionnelles et maitriser l’anglais à l’écrit.
La structure légère de la startup créé un environnement propice à la création, aux nouvelles idées, au brainstorming et nous encourageons nos collaborateurs à être force de proposition.

Si vous êtes intéressés par l'aventure, n'hésitez pas, écrivez-nous et parlez-nous de vous !

Type de contrat : Stage de 6 mois
Date de prise de fonction : Début 2017
Zone géographique de l’affectation : Ile de France, Pépinière du Genopole, 4 rue Pierre Fontaine, EVRY.
Diplômes requis : BAC +5, M2 ou école d’ingénieur en biotechnologie ou en agronomie, compétences en Marketing et/ou Communication.
Salaire brut annuel : NC
Candidature : Envoyer votre CV (avec les coordonnées de vos référents joints) et votre lettre de motivation à l’attention de Ludivine Guérineau à l’adresse suivante : contact@anova-plus.com en précisant la référence [SACP2017] dans l’objet de l’email.



Genopole, Campus 3
4 rue Pierre Fontaine
91058 Evry Cedex - France

Phone: +33 (0)1 60 87 89 89

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